Investor Relations

To Our Shareholders:

We are pleased to announce our partnership with BancList helps shareholders of privately held financial institutions communicate with each other in discussions about their interest in buying and selling shares of Georgia Primary Bank. The easy-to-use online platform lets users browse notices of intent to buy or sell shares of stock.

This partnership will provide our shareholders a convenient and transparent marketplace to transact business.

BancList allows you to post notices online for stock you wish to transact. These listing notices will not disclose your identity or any confidential information.  You simply enter your desire to buy or sell, the number of shares, and the price.  Interested parties will contact you via email.  You need only respond to the offers you are interested in pursuing.  Additionally, you may register to receive email alerts whenever new postings are created for our bank.

For additional information on BancList, please contact our CFO: Jane Skelton at 404.504.8308 or

Disclaimer: Please do not include personal information or passwords as this is not an encrypted email. Do not include account information, social security numbers or non-public information in this email.