Cash Management Services

Georgia Primary Bank offers a full range of state-of-the-art Cash Management products to optimize your assets and productivity by tailoring them to meet the specific needs and goals of your business. These products are designed to manage cash flow, increase control, reduce collection and disbursement costs, and securely originate payments and transfers.

Cash Management

Business Bill Payment

Pay bills online with ease by signing up for Business Bill Payment. You can pay one-time or recurring bills at the click of a button, or organize your payments by receiving multiple electronic bills into the same location. You can also set up approval options for employees who are submitting payments. View your bill information, add invoice details, and review your payment history-all with one convenient product.

Mobile Deposit and Remote Deposit Capture

Save time and money by making deposits from your home or office. Simply scan the checks you receive using your mobile device or our scanner and your checks are deposited securely and efficiently.

Please note that Clients must be approved for this service. Additional fees may apply.

Wire Manager

As an integrated product within Business Online Banking, our Wire Manager service provides a secure method of transferring funds quickly and easily. When same-day funds availability is a necessity and you are faced with tight deadlines, using Wire Manager can help facilitate those needs. Wire Manager offers security controls that allow you to set limits on the number and dollar amounts of transactions, plus enhanced security features such as multifactor authentication and dual control.

Please note that Clients must be approved for this service. Additional fees may apply.

ACH Manager

Our integrated ACH Manager product allows you to create electronic payments, payroll deposits, and other transfers on your schedule while providing the benefits of no check handling fees, lower reconciliation costs, and added efficiency for your cash flow. ACH Manager also offers enhanced security allowing for dual control of payment authorization.

Please note that Clients must be approved for this service. Additional fees may apply.

Positive Pay

Help prevent fraud before it occurs on your account by utilizing our Positive Pay service. Positive Pay can catch counterfeit and altered checks by comparing items that post to your account to a list of approved check numbers and amounts that you provide. You can review checks daily and reject any suspicious items with ease through Business Online Banking.

Automated Internal Transfers 

Ensure your funds are working for you by automating your account transfers. Set a target balance for your account and the Bank will automatically transfer funds between accounts to increase interest income or reduce interest expense, or sign up for Overdraft Protection and we will automatically transfer available funds to cover any negative balances you hold in an account. We also offer Zero Balance Accounts for companies that wish to centralize the use of available funds into one main account for investment or debt reduction opportunities, or automate the transfer of funds to subsidiary account(s) from a master operating account.

Additional fees may apply.


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