Merchant Services

At Georgia Primary Bank, we understand the significance of establishing a merchant account for your business. Whether you’re a new or established business, we have the expertise to find the perfect payment processing solution tailored to your specific business needs. Our customized solutions include the latest cutting-edge technology and superior customer service.

To ensure that we deliver the best in banking and payment processing networks, we have partnered with FineTech Business Solutions. We understand that changes to any business can be overwhelming, especially when it involves transitioning to a new merchant processing account. FineTech Business Solutions specializes in simplifying this process, making the transition to Georgia Primary Bank seamless while also providing cost savings for your business.

Text-to-Pay, Customer Engagement and Payment Processing Tool

Our text-to-pay service offers the flexibility to invoice your customers via text, email, or both. Customers can make payments using their preferred payment method, or with a simple “yes” response. With two-way text messaging, your customers can engage with your staff and receive customized automated responses as well. All of these features are available in one platform, making it easy for you to manage invoicing, payments, and messaging efficiently.
Here are some industries that can benefit the most from this solution:

    merchant services

  • Retail
  • Medical and Dental
  • Automotive
  • Billing Management
  • Travel
  • Nonprofit
  • Construction
  • Deliveries


Wouldn’t it be great if your business technology was just as user-friendly as your personal technology?

With Clover, it is. Clover Station simplifies your business operations by providing a single dynamic system that helps you track inventory, manage employees, establish customer relationships, and effortlessly process payments. What sets Clover Station apart is its ability to personalize the system with apps. This means that you can continually expand the system’s capabilities with the Clover App Market, ensuring that Clover Station grows alongside your business for years to come.

All the payment solutions you need with all the support you deserve:

  • Innovative Business Solutions and Data Analytics
  • Cloud Base POS Systems
  • Loyalty & Rewards Programs
  • Secure Credit and Debit Card Acceptance
  • EMV and Contactless Payments with NFC
  • Security with TranzArmor® and PCI Compliance Solutions
  • Check Acceptance
  • Online Payments with CardPointe Virtual Terminal
  • Gift Cards

Next Step?

Our team of expertly trained professionals is ready to evaluate your current technology and processes, analyze your business needs, and provide customized options to meet your unique requirements. To schedule your assessment or learn more, please fill out the form below or contact David Finete from FineTech Business Solutions at 770-265-2132. We look forward to helping you optimize your business operations.

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