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Have you been thinking about your future? An IRA is a great way to prepare for retirement but can also have great tax benefits. What you may not know, is there are two kinds of IRAs. Below, we’ve outlined the major differences between the two.

*Consult your tax advisor to see if your contribution is tax deductible.

What kind of IRA should you invest in?

Traditional IRA
(Pay taxes later)

You may be able to pay no income taxes on contributions to your IRA account this year.

Your money grows tax-deferred.

You will pay income taxes on withdrawals from your account during retirement.

Roth IRA
(Pay taxes now)

Pay income taxes on your IRA contributions up-front.

Your money grows tax-free.

If eligible, pay no taxes on your withdrawals from your account during retirment.

*For illustration purposes only. Is not specific legal, investment, or tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor for more information regarding income eligibility.

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