Additional Services

Buckhead bank servicesSafe Deposit Boxes

Georgia Primary Bank offers 3 sizes of Safe Deposit Boxes for your convenience:

  • 3×10 = $35 Per Year
  • 5×10 = $55 Per Year
  • 10×10 =  $100 Per Year

Bill Pay

Pay bills at your convenience with on-line bill pay at no charge! By using our bill payment service it allows you to save time and money! No more stamps, envelopes or late fees!

Debit Card

Georgia Primary Bank offers Debit Cards with almost every deposit account.  You can use it for purchases at a store or get money from any ATM worldwide at no charge anytime! 

Check Re-Orders

You can conveniently re-order checks either in our office, by mail or online. 

Pop Money

Pop Money is a convenient personal payment service which allows you to send and receive money directly to someone online without having to write a check or use cash.  Pop Money is as easy as emailing or texting.  All you need is their name, email address or mobile phone number and you can move money from your account to theirs or request money to your account. 

Pop Money works by allowing you to send and receive money through Online Banking.  You send money and they are notified by email or text message that you wish to send money to them.  You can also request that someone send money to your account.  Financial account information never needs to be exchanged. 

Pop Money can be used for so many purposes:  Pay rent to your landlord, pay friends for outings, team moms can use it to collect money, send money to a child in college, monetary gifts to friends or family, pay a babysitter, the possibilities are endless!  Call or email us today about getting started. 


Receive your statements online instead of in the mail at no additional charge. 


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