Kind Words from Our Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Recipients

We Are Proud to Support Our Local Community

The best part about being a community bank is our ability to serve our local business owners and their employees during these difficult times. We’ve received heartwarming stories from the many companies whose PPP loans we processed. Thank you for your kind words!

Georgia Primary Bank has helped over 400 companies, saved over 6,000 jobs and lent over 54 million dollars through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). We have helped companies keep their doors open and their employees paid. It gives us great pride to have had a hand in helping our community during this unprecedented situation.

Just a Few Testimonials from Some of our Paycheck Protection Program Recipients

“23 days with my big bank, 23 minutes with Georgia Primary Bank!”

“Thanks so much for all you are doing right now. Doctors and nurses are saving people’s lives. You are saving our livelihoods. Thank you for your service, for being there when we needed you.”

“You have saved one more business.”

“When things calm down, I would welcome the opportunity for us to talk about Georgia Primary Bank’s business support services. If there is anything I’ve learned from this process is that having a strong banking relationship is critical in times of need. While my big bank has been fine when all is well, their ability to service their small businesses like myself definitely faltered at this time of uncertainty.”

“You have literally saved the business that we have built over the last 16 years. I appreciate it and my employees appreciate it.”

“I cannot tell you how much this means to us. I felt like we had the door closed on us by many and you helped us.”

“Thank you for working so incredibly hard to help us, the small businesses in Atlanta!”

“Thank you for your support and always going the extra mile.”

“Thanks so much for getting this done for me. You and your bank make a difference.”

“I am so glad that I was able to connect with Georgia Primary Bank when I was unable to get any service from a live person with a larger bank that I had decades of relationships with. From the first call you provided the best possible service. I look forward to a long-term relationship with you.”

Paycheck Protection Program testimonials - Georgia Primary Buckhead Community Bank
“Thank you for your help with the PPP funding. You are a Rock Star!!”

“Hoping this is just the beginning of a long relationship with Georgia Primary Bank. I would have never received this type of service from my big bank with whom I have banked with for almost 25 years!”

“Should have moved our accounts over there much sooner. Our Georgia Primary Bank lender is a total pro.”

“I was so impressed that you were able to accommodate my request for a PPP loan. I have money at a big bank and was getting the run around there.”

“We were discussing the PPP loan program and it was mentioned that one of the banks that really had come through for our clients was Georgia Primary Bank. These are the times when customers realize the value of relationship banking.”

“Oh my gosh – you are working and it is 9:20 pm. Thank you SO much. I can’t explain how much I truly appreciate it.”

“It is people like us that work so hard…and it’s people like you that SAVED US!!! Forever Grateful!!! Lord knows what would have happened if you weren’t there for us!”

“If you don’t already know it, ya’ll are responsible for having a huge positive impact on many peoples lives during this pandemic.”